Wireless internet services

Frequently Asked Questions

internet speeds and data usage

All our our plans support HD streaming for all major streaming providers. Depending on how many devices your plan to watch at the same time, we can calculate the best plan for you. Netflix uses the following data rates:

480p (SD) – 1.5 mbps

720p (HD) – 3 mbps

1080p (Full HD) – 4-7 mbps

4k (Ultra HD) – 8-16 mbps

Example 1 – A single Television playing a Netflix movie in HD setting. This will use 3 mbps

Example 2 – A single television playing Netflix in HD setting and another device watching Youtube 480p. This will use 4.5 mbps

Example 3 – A single television playing Netflix in 4K setting, and another television playing Netflix in HD setting. This will use 11-19 mbps

We take great pride in offering the very best speeds to our customers. Our network is designed to allow customers to access up to the full speeds allowed in your plan, even at peak times. However, under certain circumstances, you may see speed decreases. These can be caused by a number of factors including (but not limited to):

Adverse Weather Conditions

Overuse Of Service (Clipping)

Network Site Congestion

If you experience prolonged or recurring speed problems, please contact us for assessment.

Every FireKRAKR service allows for unlimited data use, with no overage fees. 

The FireKRAKR network bandwidth management system will automatically load balance different types of internet traffic to keep speeds optimal for all users on the network. For full details, please see our bandwidth policy. Your data amount can be viewed at any time in your customer portal at https://portal.krakr.ca

Services and installation

Basic installation includes the following:

  • 50 feet of Shielded CAT5 Cable
  • 1 J-Arm or Tripod Mount
  • 3 Hours Labor
  • 50 Km Round Trip Mileage

Additional Services can be purchased at the following rates:

  • Mileage: $.95/Km
  • Additional Labor: $85/Hr
  • Additional Cable: $.60/Ft

We will provide a full quote of any additional items before starting the installation.

If requested, we can provision 1 Public Static IP Address per FireKRAKR installation at a cost of $9.99/month.

FireKRAKR Services do not include email address accounts. 

We encourage clients to use third party services such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and more to provide email services. This allows customers to have full control over their email account if they change providers.

All FireKRAKR services include the equipment within the monthly fee. All leased FireKRAKR equipment has ongoing warranty coverage from equipment failure at no additonal cost.

Service calls for Out-Of-Warranty related problems are billed at the following rates:

Mileage Charge – $0.95 per Km

Service Call Flat Fee – $85.00 per occurrence