Finally. Internet That Works.
We limit our customer base, so you get what your paying for.


We limit the amount of connections on every area we serve. We will never oversell our network, ensuring you get what you pay for!


The FireKRAKR network has been created on a solid platform to keep you up and running 24/7.


The focus of our Company. Our network is designed for lightning fast connection speeds, no matter the time of day.


With 256bit encrypted wireless equipment, we keep your valuable information safe.


With automatic fail-overs and backup data centers, your data will flow without interruption.


Every KRAKR customer receives priority on site service at no additional charge!

Why We are Different
Founded in rural Saskatchewan, we believe in a local approach to connectivity
We are Local. We live around the communities we service
We invest directly back into our customers and towards local initiatives
Quality over Quanity has been our goal since the beginning
Our high speed system performs checks and balances more than 10 times per second
don’t just take it from us
We believe in providing a great service, and it shows in our reviews
Stream anything, anytime.
Our network was designed  to support every streaming service with ease